The cleanliness and appearance of your floors reflects directly on your home or business. Our job is to help ensure they continue to look great all year around. To do so, we approach floor maintenance with a comprehensive system that combines advanced technology, innovative products and years of experience.


Stone & Concrete

Our procedures add beauty and value to any existing stone, marble, natural or manmade stone surfaces. We power wash from driveways, to carparks and also clean and seal all stone and concrete surfaces. 

Let us rewind the years of wear and tear to your stone, slate or concrete floors Today.


We help you to keep your tiled floors looking like new for years. We restore tiles and grout lines to their original color and can even protect them from returning to that discolored state. 

Tired of seeing those unsightly dirty tiled floors and black grout lines? Request a quote today to experience clean once again.



When properly maintained, terrazzo flooring can last a lifetime. Let us help you to achieve that sparkling lifetime finish. 

Restore that protective seal and bring back that deep gloss to your dull floors today!


Hardwood floors are more complicated to keep in tact than you may have thought. Our Professionals have the knowledge and experience to maintain or restore that deep and rich finish. 

Do you have an old and worn hardwood floor that has lost its pristine? If yes, request a quote below for a one time restoration.